I’m an independent professional Visual Artist, who currently lives and works in Szczecin, Poland.

My works represent a combination of dreamy surrealistic visions based on my video footage, photography and animation. I like to create pictures, that bury a sense of mistery, sometimes anxiety, could bring flutter to the heart.


2012 North Chamber of Commerce Award for „Kids of Breakthru” multimedia show in Szczecin’s Opera in cooperation with an artistic institution 13 Muz

2010 First place in A/V project with musician Wojtek Grabek on Transwizualia Festival of Visual Art

2009 Artistic Scholarship in Europaisches Kunststipendium in Freising, Germany

2008 First place in Mobile Movie competition “My city is my lab” at Students Off Film Festival in Szczecin, Poland

2008 Distinction in Short Mobile Movie competition “This happy day” at International Camerimage Plus Film Festival in Łódz, Poland

2007 First place in the Short Movie competition “My city is my lab” at Nokia Trends Lab in Warsaw, Poland generic Colchicine

2007 First place on VJ Myspace Competition at Free Form Festival 04 in Warsaw, Poland



2001-2003 Academy of Visual Art in Poznan- Graphic Design

2003-2006 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan – Photography

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2013  – … Art installation “My room” at International Design Fair, Szczecin – indoor mapping audiovisual installation in cooperation with sculpture artist

Monika Szpener

2013 Videoart “Biedny Jorik” for Andrey Chegin , Sankt Petersburg, Russia – director and videoeditor

2013 Eco Performance for play by Patricia Fessard, Paris –  buy brand Levitra director of video, visuals

2013 MY MUSIC #5 Concert for Liliana Kostrzewa in Poznan – Indoor mapping, vj live act

2013 25 years of EPA at Pomeranian dukes castle in Szczecin – live visuals

2013 “Rythms” ­ President Concert with Wilhelm Keitel and Orchestra at Szczecin Philharmonic – VJ live act

2012 “Cerebellum” ­ Video mood of fashion designer Olivia Zmyslowski – director and videoeditor

2012 15 Jubilee of Northern Chamber of Commerce at Opera in Szczecin – main visual director , visuals, film

2012 Industriada ­ Festival of light and monuments in Katowice – VJ live act to Wojtek Grabek’s concert

2012 50 Jubilee of Euroafrica Shipping Lines “Africa is a Woman” – live visuals

2012 Audiovisual project in Dniepropietrovsk on Days of Europe 2012, Ukraine – Concert Sin City Tribe, Live Visuals

2012 „The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace” by Karl Jenkins ­ Academic Choir Concert at Szczecin Philharmonic – VJ live installation with mapping

2012 „Big Blue” Opening Ceremony Video European Short Course Championships ­ Szczecin 2012 – video director, live show broadcasted on Eurosport channel

2012 Polish Radio Szczecin Studio S1 – Concert for “Sin City Tribe” – indoor mapping + vj live act

2011 „Children of the Breakthrough” – Multimedia representation composed of video installations, pyrotechnics and lights.

It is a tribute to the determination and the courage of the builders of the „New Order in Europe”, after the year ’89 on Szczecin’s ground during the difficult times of transformation in Poland.Broadcasted on TVP Szczecin and TVP Polonia
2011 Black cookies + Malinova “Call You” – videoclip director and editor

2011 Mayday Festival – Vj live act on one of the oldest and most reputed electronic music festivals in KatowiceSpodek

2011 IN_Spiracje – Vj live act to the concert Sin City Tribe on International audio/visual festival in Szczecin

2011 „Birds of Paradise” day veteran mission in Szczecin – Concert in the Szczecin Philharmonic with Ryszard Rynkowski, Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Armed Forces, and Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, conducted by Lukas Górewicz.Tribute to Polish soldiers who died in Iraq. I was responsible for the video about the war and soldiers which was played during the concert.

2011 Adobe Vj Nights – liveact with dj Jacek Sienkiewicz

2011 „Sixteenth Symphony” Anniversary Celebration of December ’70 – Music written by the composer Peter Klimek Szczecin exclusively for the anniversary events of December ’70 in tribute to the people and the city in Szczecin’s Philharmonic

2011 Michal Marczewski Haute Couture at Berlin Fashion Week – director of video etude for the fashion designer Michał Marczewski

2011 Digital_ia  audiovisual festival in Szczecin – live act with musisc producer  Jackname Trouble

2010 „The opening of the Olympic Swimming Pool” in Szczecin – visuals 

2010 “Freedom Symphony” ­ Tribute to Solidarity in Szczecin’s Amphitheatre – main director of visuals

2009 ­- 2012 “Only important things” ­ intervention program for Pomerania Tv – director and editor 

2009 Baltic Neoplis Orchestra in Szczecin Philharmonic – live visuals 

2009 Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia – Vj live act with Wojtek Grabek on Alter Space Stage

2009 „Don’t Shelest” by Club der polnischen Versager in Berlin – Vj live act

2008  – 2011 (3 years) – Tv Pomerania , Szczecin – video edition, video shooting, Lighting, Animation, Sound recording

Szczecin – DIGE – Creative Director 

2004 – 2005 (1,9 year) Digi Touch Photograpfy Agency, Poznań – photographer of royalty free photos, fashion photography, graphic designer


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